What will tomorrow bring?

Today was the day the guineas were to jump the fence and go exploring the neighbourhood. Last week I took a chance in opening their pen in the morning not knowing if they would ever come back to roost. To my delight they have been back every evening.

But this morning as I was leaving their enclosure, I could not help noticing that they were inspecting the fence…mmmmm,  I had a very clear thought then of them escaping.

The phone rang: “There are 3 guineas on my porch, are they yours?” Monique asked. I was smiling, I was so pleased they had used their wings to fly off. I had wished this for them ever since I got them in May but I had never seen them fly.

Monique was worried. “It’s fine, they are free now, they can choose how to live their lives, it’s up to them”. But they might get killed by the hunters. Yes, they might. And they might not. But what ever happens is ok with me.”

A while later Geoff saw the guineas walk past the kitchen window. I’ll drink to the guineas I said. Clever birds!

Richard came for lunch and left, Bill came to fit the tap in the shed and left, I went down to the coops and the guineas were there, all was peaceful.

 Around 6pm we went for our daily evening walk with Solo, past Yves and Monique’s house. As we were approaching their place, I wanted to let Monique know about the guineas so I knocked on their door.  “I brought the guineas back to you she said beaming. You did? Yes, I told them they had to go home and I shushed them along the road. They were very calm and they listened to me. And they knew to turn left and through your gate she said.” Clever birds!

Down the lane a bit further we saw Seb and his 2 dogs, a frisky little Collie and a beautiful white German shepherd. I shouted that we had Solo with us and could he hold his dogs? No need he shouted back; they’ll be fine. Well, the Collie pounced and Solo flew to safety up the bank in the nick of time. Seb was finding it difficult to get it back to sit next to him but he managed in the end.

The rest of the walk was uneventful. A beautiful evening, gold and coper everywhere. Solo kept a good pace; Mireille’s donkeys were nowhere to be seen and we got back in time to feed all before dark.

Solo is back in his box by the window…phew!….

What will tomorrow bring?

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