The secret for a long and healthy life

The secret for a long and healthy life is: eat half as much, walk twice as much, laugh three times more and Love, Love and Love some more. A piece of wisdom from Tibet.

I have taken on the walking twice as much. The laughter I do plenty, loving some people is challenging, and eating less will come later….

End of August, it has rained a little here and every living thing is breathing again. Such a relief.

I haven’t opened my computer very much since the beginning of the lock-down, a lot to do and nothing to say, feeling lucky to be here and busy with the garden and the animals. Gave myself plenty of room to think about what to think, what to take on and what to keep away from everything on offer from the media.

I am clearer now about where I stand and feel able to communicate about it. So here it is:  the lock-down has been/is a messy business, nothing was/is clear about how to protect ourselves, fear was/is everywhere, scientists with conflicting information, politicians without a clue about what to say to us when one fears they just want us to go back to work so that the country can be saved meaning the rich and powerful who need us to buy all this stuff we don’t need made by the poor in faraway places in shocking conditions and low wages…

In parallel to this, I watched some  great YouTube blogs on gardening and permaculture, fresh and inspiring, lots of ideas and good energy from passionate and courageous people.…

And I also read Yann Lipnick and watched  Mezaelle talking of other realities, of invisible worlds, of meridians and chakras, of spiritual guides, of light, our light,  our power, of exploring our potentialities….All these words I used to hear over the years that left me feeling cynical and superior…..all of a sudden are making sense  and then I am right there, ears pointing in the same direction like my donkeys when something really fascinating is going on somewhere in the vicinity….Like a wake-up call, something I had been waiting for without knowing that that  was IT.

I have always felt loved and protected somehow and always assumed it was my late dad and now my mom, and surely they were/are but I had never thought that other beings were looking after me too, listening to me, wanting to communicate with me.

Well, they are!

And the whole pandemic sweeping the planet has taken on a different meaning.

The journey has just begun and I am excited.

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