goodbye little friends

A conversation with Nick Last night, long time overdue about his life and ours.

Sharing about the 3 guineas who got eaten by a fox after their refusal to get back into their pen one evening. I had made the mistake of leaving the coops open after feeding them all when the cockerel was still out and busy foraging. I thought of coming back 30 minutes later when it would be dark then. Except that when I got back, the hens and the cockerel had gone to bed but the guineas having been fed, had had a different idea about where to spend the night, and after 20 minutes of trying to coerce them into going home I gave up when it was very clear I could only fail.

A few days later we found 3 small piles of feathers near the top of the field. Geoff was gutted. I felt deflated until I remembered that I had chosen for them to be free and they certainly had had a good life up to their fate.

But we had got so used to see them around and we miss them. Unlike Solo who attacks strangers to the house, those three were harmless.

They regularly flew over the fence to feed in the grass in front of the kitchen window and the site of them three basking in the sun or feeding was delightful.  

They were curious about Solo and used to hang out on the entrance with him even though he had made clear he wanted nothing to do with them.

Or did he? Since they’re gone, he seems to be looking for them….

They were such a fun and noisy presence around here, not to mention how pretty they are.

We will have another go at having a few guineas. I will make sure to close the little opening between the two coops such that I would then be able to close them in in the evening regardless of what the chickens chose to do.

But knowing how extremely independent and strong-minded guineas are, who knows how the next little group will behave?

Goodbye little friends.

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