Grace and Beauty and Power

Let us be empowered by those young people with vision and courage who make such a difference in these dark times, and be reminded that the world will go on without me and you because we are too old, but in the hands of these young people there is nothing to fear.

Amanda Gorman stole the day at Biden’s inauguration a few days ago. How could she do not! This is one of those times when I am so grateful to be bilingual and able to get the full power and meaning of such a moment.

I was holding my tears as I was witnessing Grace and Beauty and Power. The young girl disappeared to become The Words, The Message, The Poem, and so many people received it and so many people were stunned as she gave her Words for the world to hear.

To the question on an interview on how she prepares herself for important moment, she shared her mantra : “I am the daughter of black writers; we’re descended of freedom fighters who broke their chains and changed the world. They call me.”

We are all called to shine but not all of us have the courage and maturity to do so. Every now and then the universe sends a special one. She is one of those; there is no denying, just like we got given Martin Luther King or Mandala, or Gandhi…let’s take care of this precious one….and watch that space, She has already started to rock our world.

Thank you beautiful young lady.

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