Time for LOVE

November already and one could easily be fooled to believe it’s spring. It’s so warm and we can work outside comfortably with just a Tee-shirt…We saw the sparrow-hawk on the prowl around the bird feeder this lunchtime, now that the elm has lost its leaves and there is no more protection for our little feathered friends.

I lit a candle for mum, 2 years already.

As I am preparing a lesson for my most advanced group next Tuesday choosing to work with them on the video David Attenborough and Prince William made last year I couldn’t help thinking it’s Time for Love.

Macron is concentrating on his re-election, Boris has fired Cummings and struggling with his Brexit deal, Trump is going but doesn’t want to go. Martin sent me a clip about Biden, showing that may be Uncle Joe isn’t all what he seems…A slap across my face. I am so hoping for change. By contrast I watched Barack Obama’s last party, last dance, last speeches from the White House in 2016. Made me smile. He believes in Biden, loved the man he said. Could Martin be wrong?

 It’s time for Love.

The squash is cooked and will become a delicious pie. The first and best pumpkin pie I ever tasted was from the Almeida Theatre Bar in Islington in the early 80’s while I was working there. The cook was Australian, she had a 6 metre square kitchen to work in and created wonders…

My younger sister sent an email; she is missing mum and missing us. If so, why doesn’t she pick up the phone? Mum is with me, so no missing here, just gratefulness and peace.

In Marseille, Docteur Didier Raoult, French physician and microbiologist specializing in infectious diseases speaks knowingly of the benefits of the hydroxychloroquine which has been used for decades to fight viruses across the world, without any side effects worth talking about, and yet he is being attacked ( death threats and such) by colleagues, journalists and politicians for not dropping it and accepting an American drug  instead, that is not in use anymore in the States because it is so dangerous, but has been bought by the French Government to be distributed to Covid patients….

It’s time for Love.

The donkeys are great. As I was approaching their gate tonight with their bag of hay, they walked a few steps back to give me the space to get in. They used to launch for the bag as if they had not eaten for months. I am wondering what else I could teach them that they would enjoy learning.

It’s time for love

2 réflexions sur “Time for LOVE

  1. Anne

    Thank you Martine for sharing your life in Balthazard with the sparrow hawk the donkeys and also your feelings about these so special and akward times we are going through.
    As you say time is for love.
    I feel very close to you, Geoff and your family being a friend of Mickie for over more than 20 years!
    I did meet your Mum at Odile’s home where we shared precious times together with Mickie.
    I was feeling family like everyone being so genuine.
    I love our scrabble parties!
    Pleasure of gardening in our yards with a neighbor brought us very close to Mozart (photos joined).
    Time is for love!
    Thank you!


  2. Anne Asselin

    Voici Mozart notre compagnon de jardinage

    Là on est en train de lui parler. Il nous écoute et nous regarde droit dans les yeux. Il s’est approché de plus en plus près de nous ces derniers temps jusqu’à hier où il s’est fait plus distant. Nous avions fini notre jardinage jusqu’à la prochaine étape !… Envoyé de mon iPad



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