Are you ready?

This blog is intended to be an adventure.

We’re leaving today and we don’t really know where we’re going. We are not innocent, a bit mad, like tight rope walkers we’re going to walk on a steel wire above the abyss, totally focused on keeping our balance. Our steel wire will be what’s true, what’s authentic.

I have nothing to sell, nothing to ask. Only gratefulness for this opportunity to share. But not just any random share. Only what works in the sense of what makes a difference, makes us think, makes us laugh, or cry, and always with beauty and what’s essential in mind.

We are so lucky here where we live to be able to experience the silence. Ultimate silence  doesn’t exist of course but here it means being able to hear the birds’ wings when the blue tits come to feed on the balcony… We weren’t used to this in town. Instead of the car horns and the ambulance alarms, it’s the incredible loud noise from the frogs calling out for a mate that fills our summer’s nights, or Bijou telling us about the fox crossing his field.

For the last few years we’ve lived in paradise, on top of a hill dominating the village and the countryside around with the Pyrenees 200kms in the South as the crow flies, visible when the rain is on its way, a good barometer that is.

With this blog I am wishing for a dialogue about the animal and the plant world to which we are all connected, strange idea that’s making its way into our consciousness…. All connected? I hear you say. Yes all connected…It’s a  world that is calling me, moves me, reassures me. There is so much I don’t know, but my eyes are open, my ears are listening and my heart is thinking…

I have no idea where this will lead us but I am ready for the ride. Are you?


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