Thank you Ren

You have 3 jars in the basket, all to be filled with the grain mix.  the biggest is for the sheep and the other two are for each of the chicken coops. He has not fed the animals for a long time. Good practice.

I have been bed ridden for 3 days with bronchitis coughing my lungs out as if it was my last day on earth. I had not been ill like this since my cancer twelve years ago and it has had me beg for mercy. This morning I start to see an improvement. The relentless coughing is easing, so are the headaches.

And you only give hay to the donks, Dini doesn’t need any.

I am listening to Ren and I am blown away. Last year I heard his band The Big Push performing Bongo Bong (Manu Chao cover) and I was charmed beyond measure. Since then, I have been on the look out for more music from this guy.

Have you checked the donks’ water?

While he is in Canada fighting for his health, his music is taking off. His poetry is about mental illness and we are witnessing an incredible talent. He is a poet, a singer, a musician, a rapper, a story teller, a film maker ….and so much more.  Through his music he is helping millions of people around the world suffering like him. They are not alone is a strong message when you ache so much that you want to die.

Not being able to do anything but to lay and rest, my phone has been a God sent. I have discovered a community of people, artists, therapists, voice coaches, doctors, writers…. who have been requested by their fans to do a “reaction” to “Hi Ren”.  They listen to some music for the first time and react live. Even though the reactions to Ren’s music are all very varied depending where they are coming from, they all share the same conclusion about the birth of a talent they have not witnessed for many years. Some have had me cry with them. Incredibly moving.

No, I am not hungry. What a beautiful day out there….

What he has done with me is to give me access to understanding mental health issues and what it is to be suffering 24/7 with no breaks. I already had a knowledge that it was a very misunderstood field but I didn’t know why and I had no ticket to get in not having suffered myself.

Yeah I will get up in a little while. Thanks for the coffee. The essential oils, eucalyptus radie and eucalyptus globuleux (French names) are doing a good job here. I sniff one of them with one nostril and then sniff the other one with the other nostril. I do that at least once/day. They were advised by the doctor JP Willem to protect from the Covid a couple of years ago. You do this before going shopping for example. Each of these particular essential oils coating the inside of the nostrils are not letting in an unwanted virus through to the throat and the lungs.  Amazing stuff.

The girls need grass. I need to get them some. When I get to the coops with my basket full of juicy grasses every day it is like Christmas for them. They get so exited it’s wonderful. Wrap up well girl, it’s chilly out there. Yes I will.

Having a better understanding of mental health issues is life changing isn’t? For me it is.  So it must be the same for loads of other people. And this is what Ren has managed to do with his music. Incredible….

I am so interested to see if I can beat this bronchitis without needing a doctor. With homeopathy and essential oils as well as the love of my man….and it looks like I have. My cough is still incredibly dramatic as it comes from the deepest part of my lungs but that’s only to scare me. It’s definitely getting better.

There is a particular young woman who touched my heart and had me cry with her. She is one of those people reacting to “Hi Ren”. She suffers like him from Lyme disease as well as other conditions like anorexia and her sharing of what life is like for her is heart breaking. I just want to take all those people in my arms and hold them tight, and comfort them. Her and other people like her have to live with family and professionals alike saying it’s only in your head, it’s not real. Well it bloody is real! Ren is making his experience accessible to all in a way that is unique and he is touching so many people, and not just the ones suffering. This is genius.

He is such a beautiful human being and a complete artist. He is a gift for all of us.

Thank you Ren.

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